16 July, 2012

Project Kimono: Day 2


Lining pattern.

It took me a few days to figure out what kind of dyeing method to use for the pattern.

At first, I am quite taken with the effect of silk painting. I had the plan to use batik technique to make blank shapes of waterlilies while dyeing the black and pink gradation, then do the details of the leaves and flowers with silk painting technique.

After doing lots of research on the techniques, effects and materials, I found that to achieve the effect that I had in mind, it might take ages to finish the lining. 1, apply batik resist(1 day's work). 2, dye the black gradation. Wash it and wait for it to dry.(which is another day's work). 3,dye the pink gradation, wash it and wash out the wax, dry (1 day's work again). 4, outlining the waterlilies with gutta ( 1 day's work). 5, silk paint the leaves and pedals, dry, wash out gutta, dry (1day's work). 6, paint outlines and details, press, wash, dry (1day's work). So that's 6 days' work at least and not to mention all those washes and dry during the process will seriously frail the edge of the fabric.

I've searched for dye, resist and tolls online, it's too expensive to buy everything I need just for this one project.

So I have decided to make my patterns using tie dye technique and hopefully I would be able to work out some way to create water lily with it.

The effect will definitely be quite different than I expected but I would like to make it a challenge to satisfy myself with a extravagant result using limited resources.

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