30 August, 2010

How to place digital DDS outlines into Photoshop-from Lea

How to place digital DDS outlines into Photoshop.
- Create a copy of your DDS by copying and pasting
- Delete all the stitching and other detail from the DDS that you don’t need.
- You want to have a simple outline to illustrate the stripe of the shirt
- Make the stroke weight thinner (.05)
- Make sure all the edges connect (if you have gaps you cannot select the shapes you need in Photoshop)
- Copy the outline Digital DDS
- Open Photoshop
- Paste DDS
- Select ‘PIXLES’
- Enter
- Now you have your digital DDS outline in Photoshop you can now create your stripe fabric layers.
- Use the free transform tool to manipulate the direction of your stripe
- Use the magic wad to select the shapes in your DDS outline layer to inverse and cut (please refer to Stripe shirt technique you learned in Photoshop last semester)
Saving images for Illustrator Digital S\DDS from Photoshop.
- Turn the outline layer off before saving image.
- Go to FILE,
- Save image as .GIF only
- Make sure you save your image in your files near your DDS library.
Placing images into Illustrator
- Choose FILE
- You can then browse for your .GIF image
- Once you have found it click enter
- The image should appear in your library
- Resize image to the exact size as DDS
- Send image to the back
- You should have a beautiful digital DDS floating on top of a Photoshop image.
- Group all

NOTE: DDS with dark fabrics/coloured fills should have a light outline
DDS with light fabrics/coloured fills should have a dark outline

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